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To watch 7-year-old Dorothy McCollum, she certainly doesn't seem halfhearted. But in fact, she was born that way. One of her two ventricles was undersized and ineffective, so her blood was getting very little oxygen. She had, essentially, half a heart. Dorothy was only five days old when surgeons performed the first of three challenging operations to literally reinvent her heart. Today, Dorothy is a typical kid. Like many little girls, she loves gymnastics, and now she's putting her whole heart into it.

NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

Serving pediatric patients from around the world, NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital provides comprehensive care, from diagnosis to recovery, in general pediatrics and in the full range of medical and surgical subspecialties. Our experienced and skilled physicians, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals manage routine and complex medical conditions, as well as address the psychological and family issues that accompany childhood illness.

Our expertise is complemented by specialized programs and services such as parent-to-parent supports groups in which parents and family members can discuss mutual concerns and share resource information, and child life programs, which create an environment designed to ease children's fears and provide the important emotional and social care to make the hospital experience as pleasant as possible for both the child and the family. The Pastoral Care Program provides chaplains of all faiths to minister to patients and their loved ones.

Each of these services, and the professionals who staff them, is sensitive to the needs and challenges of young patients and their families, and is dedicated to ensuring that care is rendered with understanding and compassion. They have helped very sick children -- at every stage of development, including prenatal intervention -- survive incredible odds, and every day they make it possible for kids to stay healthy and to thrive.

About NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is one the most comprehensive university hospitals in the world, with leading specialists in every field of medicine. We're unique because we unite the expertise of two world-renowned institutions: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Plus we're the only hospital in the nation affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College.

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