Research & Clinical Trials

Research plays an important role at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Remarkable advances have emerged from both laboratory studies and the investigations of new therapies or medicines in the clinical phase. These investigations make it possible for the physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to offer patients more options for life-saving care and improved health than ever before.

Our dedicated research physicians and surgeons, all of whom are on the faculty of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, have made extraordinary contributions. The Hospital is at the forefront of medical research and works closely with its medical school to facilitate research and mobilize resources.

Clinical Trials

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has established a clinical trials network to ensure that patients throughout the metropolitan region have access to medicines and therapies that are on the cutting edge. Clinical trials take place under the most stringent guidelines, and those who participate benefit from closely supervised monitoring and have their care provided at no cost.


The Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons has a wide range of research centers and institutes. The research being conducted on this campus includes studies addressing molecular therapeutics, neurobiology and behavior, reproductive sciences, women's health, the human genome, cancer genetics, and Alzheimer's disease. NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia's Irving Center for Clinical Research, in particular, provides first-class facilities and services to clinical investigators working on the frontiers of modern medicine.

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